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AgriNatur newsletters 1-3


In the first half of 2020, the project partners compiled 3 newsletters about the ongoing project activities.

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3rd Expert Workshop AgriNatur AT-HU on 17 June 2020


On 17 June, Austrian and Hungarian experts from research, nature conservation, agriculture, and administration met to work on a strategy for biodiversity-enhancing organic farming.

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Survey of ecological networks 2020


An important objective of the AgriNature project is to survey ecological networks in the project areas.

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The virtual expert meetings on AgriNature strategy development


Due to the social restrictions resulting from the coronavirus crisis, the expert workshop planned for 31 March developed into a successful series of virtual meetings.

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The importance of organic farming for nature conservation from an ecosystem theory perspective by Prof. Dr. Ludwig Maurer


What role do food chains, system protection, and human performance play? With his extremely precise explanation of the terms natural landscape, cultural landscape, and organic farming, Prof. Ludwig Maurer provides an important intellectual basis for the topic of the project AgriNature AT-HU. The entertaining consideration is based on Odum "Basics of Ecology" and Dierck's "Alternatives in Agriculture" as well as the definition of the natural landscape by W. Tischler. Ludwig Maurer is considered one of the pioneers of organic farming in Austria, is internationally recognized for his extensive scientific work and persuasion, and was awarded the Konrad-Lorenz-Prize in 1997.

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Vegetation survey of selected monitoring areas on meadow regeneration areas (former arable land) in the Donau-Auen National Park in the Upper Lobau in the Vienna area


In the Upper Lobau, Donau-Auen National Park, the condition of abandoned arable land of the City of Vienna was documented in the vegetation period 2019 by nine vegetation surveys and compared with initial surveys from 2011. The aim was to evaluate the meadow return measures implemented as part of the LE project Meadow Development Lobau (2010 - 2014). The investigations on meadow regeneration areas (6 recordings) and gold rod fields (3 recordings) were carried out by the Nature Conservation Association of Lower Austria and V.I.N.C.A. on behalf of the City of Vienna.

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Agrobiodiversity monitoring 2019


The first year of the agrobiodiversity monitoring survey has been completed. The aim of the monitoring is to record the biodiversity associated with arable land and marginal biotopes.

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AgriNature AT-HU excursion in the National Park Doñana, Spain, from 08.10.-12.10.2019


The importance of traditional agriculture for the protection of biodiversity was investigated and further developed in the LIFE project Sustainable Doñana (project LIFE00 ENV/E/547). A visit to the Doñana National and Nature Park provides valuable input for the AgriNature AT-HU project.

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Monitoring Forester Know-How "Collection of local empirical knowledge of forest rangers"


The task for the foresters' working group in the AgriNature At-HU project is to record the local empirical knowledge of the district foresters in the Lobau National Park Forest Administration.

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Study on the historical values of the Wittmann Park in Mosonmagyaróvár


Within the framework of the project, a study on historical and agricultural sites related to the ecological values of the Antal Wittmann Park in Mosonmagyaróvár was completed.

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Survey of ecological networks


An important objective of the AgriNatur project is the survey of ecological networks in the project areas.

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Residential Workshop in Mosonmagyaróvár


On 19 September, the Faculty of Széchenyi István University in Mosonmagyaróvár organised a public workshop to present the AgriNatur project and its plans for the visitor areas.

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