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The virtual expert meetings on AgriNature strategy development


In six virtual meetings, between twenty and over thirty experts discussed the (interim) results of the monitoring and other AgriNature topics. Two speakers each reported from their respective fields. Questions, answers, and impulses from the discussions were documented and sent to the participants for supplementation and adaptation. The collected results are available for review on our website. Do you have further comments? Please do not hesitate - the project coordinators are at your disposal.


Dates and topics:

Date, topics and project area/sSpeakers
1st Virtual Expert Workshop on 22 April 2020
- Monitoring wild bees / Lobau
- Monitoring meadow development on arable land / Lobau
Esther Ockermüller
Norbert Sauberer
2nd Virtual Expert Workshop on 29 April 2020
- Monitoring butterflies / Lobau
- Monitoring birds / Moson plain & Wittmann Park
Martin Strausz
Király Gergely
3rd Virtual Expert Workshop on 06 May 2020
- Monitoring birds / Lobau
- Monitoring tree population / Wittmann Park
Christina Nagl
Király Gergely
4th Virtual Expert Workshop on 13 May 2020
- Monitoring field weeds / Lobau
- Field trials / Moson plain
Christophorus Ableidinger
Vámos Ottília and Kalocsai Renátó
5th Virtual Expert Workshop on 20 May 2020
- Monitoring ground beetles / Lobau
- AgriNature Elsewhere: Parque Coto de Doñana / Andalusia
Bernhard Kromp
Susanne Leputsch
6th Virtual Expert Workshop on 27 May 2020
- Monitoring Empirical Forester Knowledge / NP Donau-Auen
- Status GIS Project Ecological Planning AT / Project Area in Vienna and Lower Austria
Michael Hollinger
Harald Kutzenberger

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