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Local Implementation Plans AT and HU


For the Natura 2000 protected areas Moson Plain (HU) and Vienna part of the Danube Floodplain National Park (AT) they summarize the results of environmental research, biodiversity monitoring and field experiments. The Local Implementation Plans, in short "LUP HU" and "LUP AT", developed on this basis have in common:


They offer recommendations to promote biodiversity, resilience, are feasible and were developed in 2019-2021 in cooperation of project partners and experts from Austria and Hungary.


Differences lie in their focus, to whom they are addressed:

  • The LUP HU addresses farmers with the recommendation of concrete management practices.
  • The LUP AT addresses higher-level decision-makers with two national park-compliant development scenarios, as a forest landscape with a share of meadows and abandonment of organic fields or their development into biodiversity-enhancing arable management.


Both studies are available for full download.

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