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Programme bodies hosted by the Széchenyi Programme Office Nonprofit LLC are unavailable on 4th December 2020


Please note that the Joint Secretariat, the Hungarian First Level Control and the Regional Coordinators will not be available on Friday, 4th December. You can contact us on the 7th December, 2020 again.

Invitation to Stakeholder Consultation – Your word counts!


The programming of the Interreg Programme Austria-Hungary for the next seven years is already underway. Based on discussions with experts four priorities divided into programme specific objectives were drafted for the Programme 2021 + AT-HU.

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How we found EU in our Region? – Naturally with our Annual Event!


All of us crave for happiness and freedom these days more than ever. Although it might seem to be challenging to focus on joyful moments nowadays, we in our Programme and our colleagues in Interreg Europe-wide tried their best to find the opportunity to celebrate. This is why we opted for a nature oriented Annual Event together with our flagship project PaNaNet+.

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Call for project extensions


Approaching the end of the eligibility period, on 22.10.2020 the programme invites beneficiaries of approved/contracted projects to extend their projects with new elements. Project extensions shall be submitted as regular project modifications and their implementation shall contribute to the capitalization, enhancement, reinforcement or further development of project outputs and results.

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Opening hours of the Joint Secretariat on 23rd October, 2020


Please note that the JS will be closed on Friday, 23rd October, 2020 (National Holiday in Hungary)! You can contact us after the long weekend on the 26th October, 2020 again.

Your Joint Secretariat

Version 2.4 of the Eligibility Manual and 2.1 of the Implementation Manual is published


The Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat have published the updated version of the Eligibility Handbook, and related to the clarification about penalties, the corrected version of the Implementation Manual. You can find the new documents in the download section.

The 11th meeting of the Monitoring Committee approves 6 new projects


On 15th and 16th September, 2020, the 11th meeting of the Monitoring Committee took place in online form. Altogether, 14 project applications were submitted to the JS, and after completion of the compliance check and quality evaluation 12 of them were presented to the MC for decision.

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The rail track between Fertőszentmiklós and the border is renewed!


Multimodality and greener transport is one of our top priorities; therefore we are pleased to share the success of CrossBorder Rail!

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Impact evaluation of the program


The second part of the evaluation of the program ended with the final report being handed in to the Monitoring Authority in May 2020. It delivered valuable pieces of information as for the progress of the program toward its objectives and particular projects. We selected for you some of the most striking outcomes.

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EUinmyRegion- Naturally, you can find it!


This year marks the 25th anniversary of Austria’s accession to the EU. All along this quarter of a century the EU funds took shape in plenty of great projects, within and across the national borders, even in places where you would the least expect them. To bring these initiatives closer to us, citizens, the coordinated EU in my Region communication campaign puts EU funded projects into the limelight.

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Quick news about the 11th Monitoring Committee meeting and upcoming deadlines


The 11th Monitoring Committee meeting took place 15-16 September online. Despite the unconventional setup, the MC had a fruitful meeting with programme and project related decisions.

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Interreg 30: Everyone has a neighbour - artworks wanted!


Wherever you might be, one thing is sure: you have a neighbour. Should it be at home, at your workplace, there is always someone who you can turn to, talk to, who can lend you a helping hand. There is even more: in every connection, especially in your neighbourhood, you can always find the possibility to achieve something greater together. This thought has been defining our work in Interreg for 30 years.

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New version of the Guide for Reporting published by the Hungarian FLC


A new version of the Guide for Reporting and its annexes has been published for the Hungarian project partners. Based on the experiences related to procurement procedures, a new, additional Procurement Guide has been issued.

If you have any questions related to the documents published, please ask your dedicated contact person at FLC.

Second part of the programme evaluation finalised


The second part of the programme evaluation addresses the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the programme and its projects. The final report is published and available under Downloads/Programme documents.

According to Article 56 (3) of Regulation (EU) No. 1303 /2013, the Monitoring Committee examined the final report. Further discussions of results and recommendations will take place at the next possible meeting of the Monitoring Committee. On this basis, adaptations of the final report can still happen.

Project submission deadline expired- Newly submitted initiatives in numbers


Until the 19th May 2020 deadline 14 projects were submitted to the Programme via eMS.
Altogether 43 partners (24 Austrian and 19 Hungarian) gathered in various projects – their requested ERDF totals EUR 4,626,463.65.

PANORAMA- Hungary and HIT toolkit in the spotlight


The European Commission released PANORAMA magazine’s latest issue, which collects news and improvements around Europe from the first quarter of 2020.

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Our projects during the epidemic: Elderly can rely on project Co-AGE!


Chance B, one of Co-AGE project partners, very quickly designed a concept about how to support people over 65 who have an increased risk of severe disease and who may be even lonely and/or socially isolated due to the contact restrictions.

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Availability of the Managing Authority and of the Joint Secretariat


We would like to inform you, that due to the COVID-19 epidemic, beginning with 13.03.2020 the staff of the Managing Authority, and beginning with 16.03.2020 the staff of the Joint Secretariat are working in home office. You can contact us as usual via e-mail. The landline phones of the MA and the JS that are published in the “contact” section are redirected.

COVID-19 impact on Interreg ATHU funded projects


The Managing Authority released a guidance about the COVID-19 epidemic and its’ effect on eligibility of expenditure related to among others, events and business trips. The communication contains advice regarding general to-dos and don’ts, eligibility of already occurred expenditures, and further implementation of the projects.

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Project-development workshop carried out


A workshop for potential applicants was carried out on 29th January 2020 in Szombathely (Hungary) within the framework of the Cooperation Program Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary, prior to the 8th submission deadline for applications.

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7th round of decision: the Monitoring Committee approves 4 new projects


On 10th and 11th December 2019, the 10th meeting of the Monitoring Committee took place in Röjtökmuzsaj (HU). Altogether, 10 project applications were submitted to the JS, and after completion of the compliance check and quality evaluation 8 of them were presented to the MC for decision.

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