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In a nutshell, projects to be funded by the programme Interreg Austria-Hungary have the following characteristics:

  • Thematic focus in one of the four programme priorities
  • Clear added value of the cross-border cooperation to solve a common challenge
  • At least two project partners, one from Austria and one from Hungary
  • Project results contribute to the result and output indicators of the programme
  • Project results are sustainable and live on after the project end
  • Project partners are public or public equivalent organisations, non-profit organisations, other institutions which on project level act in public interest and private institutions having legal personality

Detailed information about the criteria for funding, who can apply and how to apply are available in the Application Manual, see supporting documents below.


Projects that fulfil these requirements and are therefore supported by the programme can be found in the project database.

Support in the Development of Applications

Project ideas shall be discussed and further developed with the responsible Regional Coordinators (RCs) in the respective region. They give feedback if the project idea is in line with the programme objectives and advice applicants in the development of their project application.

Contacts to the Regional Coordinators can be found here.

Process of Application

The programme Interreg Austria-Hungary has an open call system, meaning that project applications can be submitted continuously. Decisions about funding are taken by the Monitoring Committee which in general meets twice a year. To ensure a smooth preparation of the decisions, only those applications are brought to the MC that have been submitted 10 weeks before the MC meeting.

Submission via eMS

The new electronic Monitoring System of the programme is eMS. The system will accompany projects through all phases, from application to decision and implementation.

This means that project applications have to be established and submitted via eMS. After registration you can start your work! The eMS guide for filling-in the application form will assist you in this task. Both the Regional Coordinators and the JS are there for your questions.

Click here for starting!

Supporting Documents

The programme management bodies, the Joint Secretariat (JS) and the Managing Authority (MA), have created several guidance documents that support the development of project applications, which are:

  • Application Manual
  • Annexes to the Application Manual:
    • Guide for filling-in the application form
    • Templates for the application form (AF) in Word and Excel giving an overview of the structure in eMS
    • Templates for the annexes of the AF
    • Checklist about the AF annexes
    • Terms of references for TEN-T experts
    • Selection criteria
  • Eligibility Manual


All documents can be found here:

Project documents

Priority 1
Priority 2
Priority 3
Priority 4

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