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ERDF contract

These ERDF contract is the basis for co-financing in the Interrag V-A Austria-Hungary prorgramme. It contains the relevant legal provisions and is concluded between the managing authority and the lead partner.

The contract is available bilingually, in German and Hungarian.

Eligibility Manual

This manual sets out the financial requirements for support out of the programme Interreg Austria-Hungary. It is intended to provide financial managers and controllers of approved projects information and guidance aimed at ensuring that project costs are incurred by beneficiaries in compliance with the applicable legal framework. But also applicants are strongly advised to consult this document when preparing their project applications.

Guide on indicators

The guide on indicators aims to define all indicators relevant to the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary. It contains definition of result and output indicators and the description of methods for data collection.

The document is available in version 1 from 6 March 2017 and is based on version 2.0 of the CP.

Communication manual

The communication manual at hand describes how project partners shall approach the subject of communication in the period 2014-2020. It shall be guidance to all parties involved and create a coherent approach towards all communication activities.

The manual is available bilingually, in German and Hungarian.

Implementation manual

Periodic staff report

Import List of Expenditure from Excel file

Documents for reporting of staff costs for austrian project partners

The indiviudal templates should help austrian beneficiaries for reporting staff costs. These templates are programme requirements and have to be used for reporting. There are sheets and a guideline available for all different reporting options and methods. Time sheet templates will be provided in short time.

Manual Microsites

The Interreg V-A Programme provides beneficiaries so-called microsites as project website to publish information in the web. This mircosite shall be used as information platform and inform the public about contents and the progress of the project.

The manual at hand shall help you creating the content on the microsite. It is available bilingually, in German and Hungarian.

Interreg ATHU COVID-19 info sheet

The info sheet contains advice regarding general to-dos and don’ts, eligibility of already occurred expenditures, and further implementation of the projects.

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Priority 2
Priority 3
Priority 4

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