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Wood architecture innovation workshop series - 2. Workshop


Bednárik Éva greeted the students, lecturers and entrepreneurs present. She described the aim of the workshop as to give a joint definition of the wood architecture problems to be solved during the project and the related specifications. The main topic of the workshop is to become acquainted with the trends, to choose the relevant ones, group them and investigate the interactions between them. Manfred Ninaus reviewed the theoretical background of trend-based innovation brainstorming as well as the Business Model Canvas that gives a business framework to the whole innovation process.

After the coffee break, a consultation was held taking into account the previous workshop, the preliminary program and performances of the September Architecture Design Camp. Manfred Ninaus from ITTF presented the latest furniture and consumer trends. In his presentation he also gave a detailed account of the underlying causes and problems that generate and define the main consumer trends. The next step was to analyze the effects of consumer trends in the furniture industry. Here he referred back to the issues already raised in the workshop in terms of functionality and design. Several questions and comments were made during the presentation and development of the program. The experience of the furniture industry innovation camp has also been revived by those present.

After lunch there was a brainstorming about the morning lectures and the outcomes of previous workshops. The outlined trends and the responses, development directions, and problems to be solved have been worked out in a complex way, in a small group of participants, during brainstorming. Entrepreneurs helped their students with their advice, devoted their useful comments, and kept the brainstorming in the right bed.

At the end of the convivial and creative workshop, Éva Bednárik took the floor again, who summed up what had been said in a few sentences and invited the participants to a wood construction innovation camp in mid-September in Sopron.

At the workshop we provided care for the participants: 2 coffee breaks (snack buffet with mineral water, coffee, tea) and a two-course menu lunch.

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