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Innovation Camp

Forward-looking initiatives can only be successfully implemented with the new generation. This is how students from both countries form
the basis of the project. The innovative, wood industrial camps were organized in Sorponer Ligneum. The first camp focused on furniture industrial innovation and the second on wood construction solutions. A total of around 200 participants took part in the two camps.

The expectation in the innovation camp was the elaboration of a product in the furniture industry. It presented a new and unexpected challenge to the student. You should plan such innovative devices, wooden construction articles within a few days of the workshop, which can be mass-produced on the one hand with the technical background of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and on the other hand can be marketed through both conventional and new channels. So the goal was product planning, which was based on customer requirements, market demand and research trends, and not the planning of furniture concepts for test furniture or exhibits. The difficulty was in the planning and idea-gathering process, how innovation can be brought into line with manufacturing maturity and with customer requirements. The students, whose plan has started, have had the greatest success and have benefited the most. Thanks to the furniture prototypes that were produced with the guidance of the students and presented at exhibitions, the students received a lot of feedback and gained experience. The manufacturers were also active participants in the process. In order to be able to make the necessary compromises, they also had to find out creative ideas and new solutions, which also improved their ability to innovate.

The event, which took place between September 17 and 21, 2018, offered talented students the opportunity to express their ideas in an inspiring way
Demonstrate community beyond the scope of a compulsory homework assignment. At the 5-day camp, the participants have the subject of their choice (e.g. wooden construction solutions for festivals, jetty, wooden construction in wooded areas, wooden lookout tower, etc.)
Help processed and plans made according to your ideas. The events took place in the Ligneum Visitor Center of Sopron University. The creative work was done in groups of 3-4 people with interpolation of professional presentations. The students and the Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises have the same opinion about the teaching of the camp. They claim that design and product innovation are not the same as manufacturing preparation. Product innovation is not a closed process that lasts from the idea through the prototypes to production. Product innovation is more of a culture, a behavior, a perspective. The product is never finished, never perfect, never final. It can always be further developed within the meaningfulness, economy and social usefulness.

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