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Small and medium-sized businesses from agriculture, trade and tourism form the economic basis for the rural regions along the border between Austria and Hungary. For those businesses it is getting increasingly difficult to compete with big international companies and retail chains. In order to survive in the long term, they must open up new markets outside the rural boarder region. The urban / metropolitan areas offer larger market opportunities. Many companies have recently tried to enter these markets online. To be successful, physical presence on site is also required. This is hardly affordable for small businesses. However, experiences of the partners have shown, that collaborating across boarders and developing a convincing concept makes things possible. The aim is to develop and open up a shop, which offers culinary delicacies, fine handicraft products and unique holiday from the Austrian-Hungarian border region. Customers can taste regional specialties, try local products and discover authentic holiday experiences. The prerequisites are created in this project in cooperation with all relevant actors from economy, agriculture and regional development agencies. The first step is to built up cooperation with the regional small and medium-sized companies. Supported by renowned experts, a professional market research is carried out and a detailed concept for a model shop in the Vienna Region is developed. Regional organizations and companies will develop a joint support structure and fix detailed implementation steps for the shop in Vienna. Based on this, a general model is developed that can also be implemented at smaller locations. So that this common vision becomes reality, not only in Vienna, but also at other locations.


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