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Wood architecture innovation workshop series - 3. Workshop


The aim of the workshop is the professional preparation of the wooden architecture camp in September, together with the participants, discussing the brainstorming results of the previous workshop, defining the directions of the professional activity, organizing the expectations. The event consisted of two main parts, a round table discussion and a business visit.

During the conversation, some of the prospective professional mentors participating in the camp, student representatives, entrepreneurs, and cross-border tender partners participated. The conversation was accompanied by project presentations from each participant, where the participants presented their camp-related expectations.

During the visit to the plant, the participants of the workshop were presented with the profile and professional activities of the company Strobl: building and construction business, painting department, line of production, assembly line.

After lunch, the morning lectures and the results of the earlier workshops led to an operationalized vision - the required functionality and design issues. The answers to these questions were discussed in the rest of the workshop. In the closing phase of the day, the previous two workshops and the results of today's day were summarized, in the knowledge of which in the last section the modification and finalization of the wooden building specifications could be realized.

In summary, the workshop that was relocated to the partner company achieved its purpose, the participants achieved the targeted professional advancement, the preparation for the camp was successful.

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