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Wood Architecture Innovation Camp - Announcement of the results




The jury, consisting of Austrian and Hungarian university teachers, renowned architects, wood industry professionals and InnoWood project partners, made its final decision on 6th November in Mödling.

INNOWOOD INNOVATION CAMP, organized by the PANFA Cluster at the Visitor Center of the University of Sopron in Ligneum, was held between September 17-21. During the five days of the camp, students of the University of Sopron, Károly Simonyi Faculty, the Mödling Höhere Technische Lehranstalt and of the Széchenyi István University in Győr, created more than 70 ideas together.

A második alkalommal megrendezett alkotótábor a PANFA Klaszter, a Holzcluster Steiermark, az Insitut für Innovations- und Trendforschung – Graz és az FH Burgenland közös InnoWood projektjének része, mely az INTERREG V-A Ausztria-Magyarország Program InnoWood ATHU059 projektjének keretében valósult meg.

The creative camp, held for the second time, is part of  the joint InnoWood project of PANFA Cluster, Holzcluster Steiermark, Insitut für Innovations- und Trendforschung-Graz and FH Burgenland, which was implemented in the INTERREG V-A Austria-Hungary Program InnoWood ATHU059 project.

Winning projects and designers:

Premium Home – Container-like house that can be folded out at 90 ° on the basis of the locomotive rotor – Kovács Dóra, Máj Szabolcs, Szendi Dorina, Zayzon Priszcilla (students of the University of Sopron SKK AMI)

Convivium – a bridge-like holiday home designed for the Pan-European Picnic site, for the 30th anniversary, with playful and informative elements – Bauer Katharina, Holzer Anna (students of HTL Mödling), Kurkó Andrea (student of the University of Sopron SKK AMI)

The Steg – pier for anglers with a roof and storage space, relaxation area with tent curtain – Vass Orsolya (student of the University of Sopron SKK AMI), Flockert Simon, Büchler Moritz (students of HTL Mödling)

Special Award:

Over the top – wood-modular housing inspired by container flats, designed for top 10-storey panel houses, – Reichsiegl Nicole (student of HTL Mödling), Goda György, Baranyai Kitti, Endresz Noémi (students of the University of Sopron SKK AMI)

The official announcement of results will take place on November 30 at the Visitor Center of the University of Sopron

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