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Vogelwarte Madárvárta 2

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Over the past decades, the project partners have developed effective cooperation with each other in the cross-border management of the protected areas of the Infectious Landscape and the joint development of the ecotourism offer, but in the field of ecological monitoring they cooperated only on a case-by-case basis, without institutionalized cooperation.
The basic goal of the project is therefore the cross-border coordination of nature conservation measures that promote the preservation of biodiversity, including mainly ecological monitoring, i.e. the application of a new approach that is based on a uniform methodology and is prepared and implemented in a coordinated manner.
In order to achieve the above, during the preparation of the project, the experts of the partners mutually familiarized themselves with their ongoing nature conservation monitoring programs, and then jointly selected the target species and habitats that they wanted to examine in a coordinated way in the project. In addition to bird monitoring, the scope of joint research defined in this way includes faunistic and botanical research of protected target species and habitats, or It covers the limnological and hydrobiological research of the Fertő landscape and the Hanság. In addition, smaller habitat rehabilitation measures, or the bird-watching infrastructure is cross-border
its further development is planned in order to minimize the disturbing effect of visitors on the nesting sites.
The aim of the partners is for the results of the research to reach the wider public in addition to the expert audience, therefore the implementation of awareness-raising activities
are also planned (e.g. community data collection), enabling the active involvement of the local population. Cross-border professional conferences are planned for the mutual sharing of good examples.
The coordinated monitoring programs and habitat rehabilitation model projects lay the foundation for the cross-border management of the Natura 2000 areas of the Fertő-táj, contributing to the preservation of its nature protection classification.


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