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FEMskill VIP 2nd Phase

The second focus-specific entrepreneurial training was divided into three modules:

I. Module: 05.07.2022 Győr - Focus on cooperation and strategic partnership: promoting cooperation with institutions, enterprises and communities. Formation of strategic partnerships, methods in theory and practice.

II. module: 06.09.2022 Győr - Focus on gamification and innovation: application of innovative methods- new way of communication in the field of marketing with the method of gamification (specification).

III. module: 29.09.2022 Győr - Online world - Transformers: from physical reality to the online world: how companies remove the hurdles of the digital world (online means of communication).


Second Knowledge Exchange Lab - 13.10.2022 Győr

The second knowledge exchange lab had two objectives. On the one hand, participants read through the revised/updated sector/target market summaries in large groups. The content repeatedly confirmed that the individual target markets are marked by the shock of the energy crisis, but at the same time new opportunities have opened up.

Focusing on the latter, participants discussed the prospects of their own companies. On the other hand, the objective of the professional day was also individual development! With the professional support of the experts involved, the participating women entrepreneurs used their own case study to illustrate their development and progress made during the FEMskill-VIP programme.


Final summary of the results of the bilateral incubation programme

At the beginning of the programme, a total of 18 (17 Hungarian and 1 Austrian) women entrepreneurs expressed their interest and filled in both the registration form and the knowledge questionnaires. However, before the first training, two participants cancelled their participation by phone, so the incubation process finally started with 16 women entrepreneurs. During the second phase of the FEMskill VIP, another female entrepreneur withdrew from the programme, which meant that the incubation process was successfully completed by 15 female entrepreneurs (14 from Hungary and 1 from Austria). In total, one and a half times as many women entrepreneurs participated in the FEMskill-VIP than originally planned (including withdrawals and drop-out)! It is clear that for the 15 women entrepreneurs (14 Hungarian and 1 Austrian) who successfully completed the incubation process, the final feedback score was higher than the initial score. This illustrates their professional progress in crisis and change management.

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