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The EDLRIS project focuses on the development and implementation of a professional, standardized, internationally accepted training- and certification- system for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Target groups are trainers (e.g. teachers or mentors of clubs/societies) and trainees (e.g. students and youths). The basic concept is similar to the well-established European Computer Driving License ECDL. In order to facilitate a broad acceptance, an advisory board comprising members from industry, educational institutions and public bodies is involved from start-up to the completion of the project.

Project duration: 1.1.2017-31.5.2020

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Implementation of a professional training for trainers (e.g. teachers) and trainees (e.g. students) with following modules:

  • Robotics (Basic)
  • Robotics (Advanced)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Basic)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Advanced)
  • Providing curricula as well as ready-to-use teaching materials for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Implementation of a standardized, broadly accepted certification of competences of trainers and trainees (similar to ECDL)::
    • certificate for each module
    • certification conducted by the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) and the John von Neumann Computer Society Hungary
  • Providing online material and courses (for trainers/trainees) as well as online certifications

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