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The excavation work combined with PR activities in Burgenland


The excavation work took place in Burg from September 2020 to mid-November. As part of the ArcheON project, the archaeological excavation of an area of about 120 square meters south of the cemetery was conducted. Archaeological excavations of the interior of the castle on the hill of Burg revealed the remains of a Neolithic settlement/building structures. In addition to other medieval finds, finds indicative of non-ferrous metal processing have also been found. During the excavation, a number of public activities were carried out. Every Friday of the excavation week, those interested could gain an insight into the details of the archaeological excavation and try out some of the work procedures under strict professional supervision on so-called open days. In addition, the so-called As part of the ArcheON school roadshow, a number of school programs were also implemented with different logical and skill-centered tasks related to the excavations.

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